Qalam - NewsPaper and Magazine WordPress Theme nulled

Qalam - NewsPaper and Magazine WordPress Theme nulled


Template description Qalam - NewsPaper and Magazine WordPress Theme nulled

 Qalam encompasses clean and modern design, backed with host of customization options using Elementor Page Builder and Kirki Customizer. Built with semantic markup and organized code, the theme is optimized for SEO and Schema Microdata. Qalam supports advertisement spots in important locations of a web page to improve revenue from ads on your site.

Template features Qalam - NewsPaper and Magazine WordPress Theme nulled

  1. Multiple Display styles
  2. Grid
  3. – 4 sub styles
  4. – Unlimited multiple columns
  5. – Custom Gutters
  6. List
  7. – Custom split ratio for thumbnail + content
  8. – Create any sized list from small to large thumbnails
  9. – Circular images for list thumbnails
  10. – Content can be separated as full border, half border or no border
  11. – Multi Column lists
  12. Tile
  13. – Multiple columns
  14. – Custom gutters
  15. – Overlay Content with custom background color and gradients
  16. – Custom overlay content margin/padding
  17. – Show overlay as always, on-hover or never
  18. – Image zoom and rotate effect on hover
  19. Ticker
  20. – Custom ticker title length
  21. – Custom ticker animation duration
  22. – Custom ticker label text
  23. – Custom ticker label background and foreground with color picker
  24. Bullet List
  25. – Plain list with bullets
  26. – Bullet size and color options
  27. – List spacing options
  28. Responsive controls for typography, columns, grid sizes, gutters, etc.
  29. Advanced Typography options with complete Google Fonts library
  30. – Set font size, line height, font weight, letter spacing, etc.
  31. – Responsive controls for typography
  32. – Custom colors for titles, excerpt, category links, post meta, etc.
  33. Custom WP Query builder
  34. – Show posts from categories, tags, custom post types, taxonomies, post IDs, author IDs, etc.
  35. – Supports offset and post exclusion to prevent redundancy of posts
  36. – Order and Orderby parameters supported
  37. jQuery Owl Slider
  38. – Supported for Grid, List and Tile display styles and their sub styles
  39. – Change number of slides per view
  40. – Toggle animation loop
  41. – Toggle auto play
  42. – Set autoplay timeout
  43. – Set animation speed and animation types (slide, zoom and fade)
  44. – Toggle auto height
  45. – Toggle previous/next navigation
  46. – Toggle dots navigation
  47. – Stagepadding support
  48. Image resize on-the-fly using BFI Thumb
  49. – Custom width, height and hard crop feature
  50. – Set image quality from 1 to 100 (Optimization Option)
  51. – Auto convert images to grayscale
  52. – Auto colorize image from color picker
  53. – Native Thumbnails with sourceset attributes supported
  54. Text content options
  55. – Choose heading tag from h1 to h6 and p (SEO factor)
  56. – Choose main title font size and font weight
  57. – Set paragraph tag and font size
  58. – Auto trimming of post excerpt at desired word length
  59. – Toggle readmore link with custom readmore text
  60. – Show/hide post meta items like category, author, date, excerpt and comments
  61. – Auto conversion of category links into expandable dropdown if category links are more than a specifid number
  62. – Show author avatar in post meta
  63. – Built in style and function support for WP Review and Post Views Counter plugin
  64. Social sharing per post module. (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Pinterest, VK, Reddit, Email)
  65. Valid Schema microdata on generated post content
  66. – Schema properties can be changed from widget settings
  67. AJAX next/previous navigation and loadmore feature for grid, list and tile display styles

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